8 11, 2018

How to Save Money on Life Insurance

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You’ve seen the ads before on television before telling you that you need to buy life insurance. You’ve also most likely received a few letters in the mail, too. If you have young children and a spouse who depend on you financially, life insurance is a must. The problem, however, is that most Americans avoid getting a life insurance policy because they think it’s too expensive. The truth is that protecting the ones you love doesn’t have to cost a lot. These tips can help you to give your family peace of mind with life insurance while saving money at the same [...]

6 11, 2018

5 Common New Business Problems and How to Solve Them

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The first few steps you take as a small business are crucial to establishing a solid business footing. Even though you’re small enough to experiment and make room for mistakes, you also put your company’s well-being at risk by making just a single error in your decisions. This can be pretty challenging considering that, as a small business unit, you are still in the process of setting up. A good amount of stamina and personal discipline is required to keep up with the demands of the business—especially when faced with the most common small business problems. According to a 2017 report by [...]

2 11, 2018

November 2018 Undervalued Dividend Growth Screen and Purchase

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Every month I screen and share for possibly undervalued dividend growth companies.  The process is descibed in much deeper detail below, but basically this account is hopefully going to provide me with a future stream of income so I am building the base of it on companies that have paid an increasing divided for at least 20 years (with the hope that they'll continue to do so for decades to come since it is built into their DNA). Thoughts prior to the screen: October was  TERRIBLE for the market. Specifically, The broader S&P 500 lost nearly 7% in October, its worst month [...]

1 11, 2018

5 Credit Cards to Build Your Credit Score, Even With Bad Credit

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No one sets out to ruin their credit, but sometimes financial emergencies happen. Maybe your lost your job and weren't able to make credit card or loan payments. Or maybe you have an unpaid hospital bill that was reported to collections and has drastically lowered your credit score. While having a bad credit score has a huge impact on a lender’s decision to approve your application to borrow money, you’re not option-less. If you’re ready to start rebuilding your credit, have no fear! Keep reading to learn about five of the best credit cards for bad credit. 1. Capital One Secured Mastercard [...]

1 11, 2018

November 2018 Net Worth Update

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Every month for the past few years I have calculated my net worth and shared the ups and downs with whoever would like to take a peak into see how I have done.  I truly believe that if more people actually did this monthly ritual our country's personal finances (as a whole) would be in a much better spot.  There is something therapeutic and scary about calculating your net worth, having to be accountable to even just yourself can do wonders for behavioral finance. My thoughts Before Calculating my Net Worth:  I usually have a feeling about how I have done the [...]