6 06, 2018

4 Money Mistakes That Can Affect Your Ability to Buy a Home

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For most young adults, buying a home and settling down are just some of their long-term goals. Accomplishing these goals will require a lot of hard work and Zen-like focus. Over 57 percent of Millennials polled in a recent survey claimed the main source of their stress was finances. Finding a way to get a handle on your finances can help you greatly in the future. In order to purchase a home, you will need a good credit score and down payment. The following are some of the money mistakes to avoid if you are in the market to buy a home [...]

5 06, 2018

Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Best Life Insurance Plans

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Long gone are the days when life insurance was deemed the rich man’s indulgence. The world keeps getting busier, more hazardous by the day—a fact well reflected by the boon in the life insurance sector, with more and more people looking to purchase a policy. But with so much competition in the market, so many different plans, deciding upon the best life insurance policy can be quite perplexing. Here’s a step by step guide to help you with your quest… Figure Out Your Requirements The primary objective of a best life insurance policy is that it safeguards the financial future of your [...]

1 06, 2018

Net Worth June 2018 Post

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First of the month, so it is naturally that time to take account and see how I did for the past 30 days or so!  I have said this in the past, but I have no idea how other adults keep track of their finances without a spreadsheet or similar online tool.  Maybe they just don't? I get not having to share it with the world, but if you aren't keeping track of your net worth you are completely doing yourself a disservice.  At the very least it forces you to load up your debt and take account to make sure it [...]

29 05, 2018

How A Brilliantly Designed Website Can Increase Sales

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You might be sitting on the one product that’s going to change the way we live. Or eat. Or sleep. Or something else that’s big and game changing. So what do you do about it? Well you put together a website, of course, and let the world know your storefront is now open and ready for business. Hold on. It’s not quite that simple. You see, even though your product might be the most amazing thing ever, your website needs to be just as brilliantly designed too. For this is where commerce and marketing meet in the 21st century – online. And [...]

28 05, 2018

What is a CFD Trade?

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A contract for Difference (CFD) is a type of derivative trading that has become popular. Instead of owning the instrument of the trade, you are speculating on the price movement of a number of financial markets, such as shares, currencies, commodities, indices and bonds. There are many advantages to speculating on whether the price will rise or fall, instead of actually owning the underlying instrument and for this reason, CFD trading has become an attractive option for many people. How CFD Trading Works When CFD trading, you never trade in the underlying asset itself. Rather, you buy or sell a number of [...]