States within our Federalist Society can act very differently from one another, for example, one State can allow same sex marriages while another can totally ban it then we sprinkle in a bit of the Federal Government and the Full Faith and Credit Constitutional Provision to make it all that more confusing.

What does this have to do with a Personal Finance Blog? CNBC recently published a blog post titled, The Most Socialist States in America where they

measured total expenditures as a proportion of total economic output to compare the size of the public sector in each state. Using recently released 2009 state gross domestic product figures from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and total state expenditures for fiscal year 2009 from the most recent report of the National Association of State Budget Officers, we have come up with the 10 most socialist states in America.

Is your State a Socialist State?

CNBC does all the hard work researching public expenditures as compared to the GDP output of that particular state.

10. Rhode Island – 15.9%

9. Hawaii – 17.8%

8. Arkansas – 18.1%

7. Wyoming – 19.0%

6. Mississippi – 20.2%

5. New Mexico – 20.7%

4. Vermont – 21.0%

3. Alabama – 27.4%

2. Alaska – 31.3%

1. West Virginia – 32.1%

Wow! West Virginia’s government spends nearly one-third of GDP! I am shocked that CNBC didn’t research further to compare this to some Countries.  With quick google skills I was able to find that United Kingdom’s Public Expenditure to GDP was 44% in 2010.  I am curious how this would compare to say the USSR in 1985?  I think what I am most shocked about is the fact that some States are missing – California, New York and Mass in particular.