A co-worker of mine is looking for an assistant, so he put up a few ads on the main online sites.  What he got back was astounding, it made me actually cringe and laugh all at the same time.  Please hear me out, your name will be “googled” and “facebooked”  whenever your resume is picked up by someone under the age of 35 or if the company has a professional human resource department.

I am sure there are a lot of more qualified people than I that can add to this list but here are a just a simple few hints:

  1. Your E-Mail should be a derivative of your first time and last name.  SxyEyeZ69@domain.com is just not going to get you a call back.  There are even arguments that your domain has to be up to date.  I actually get made fun of often because my personal email address is @aol.com.
  2. Facebook has plenty of privacy settings and options – know them, understand them and apply them correctly.
  3. Your public profile facebook picture should not be you in a bikini (I will say this though the girl the co-worker did show me looked great).  Along those lines, your facebook picture should not be you doing any drugs, sex acts or that weird kissy pouty face thing.
  4. Never update your status to say you aren’t pumped about your interview – this is an actual, edited picture of a facebook friend’s status tonight.

facebook status job update

I am not a career expert, but I think the above tips are just the starting point.  Any other tips?