Post by The Wife

I am not a huge fan of credit cards, but I am aware that sometimes they are necessary.  It has been trying but I have learned over time that a credit card doesn’t always have to equate to an uncontrolled amount of debt.  Credit cards can provide security in an emergency, and better yet they can get you free stuff! But all the good stuff credit cards can bring get voided if you abuse them. And I am sad to say I think one reason America is where it is today is because of the misuse of credit.

I am a huge believer that if you can’t pay for something in full, you can’t afford it (minus things like houses or cars). It is way too easy to keep buying and spending, then only paying the minimum. But that adds up quick, and soon you are in over your head.

But there is a way to use credit cards correctly. Credit card companies probably hate people like me who always pay their balance in full, but they just have to deal with that. We use our card to buy everything, and while doing so we are racking up the rewards points that credit cards offer. Mind you, it takes forever to actually save up enough points to get anything worth while, but if you do your research and get the right card, you can get some great rewards.

I could go on for days about my disdain for credit cards, but I will save you the reading time. My little PSA is this: Use credit cards, but be smart. Don’t buy what you can’t afford, and don’t get over your head. The debt is really not worth it.

Evan’s Note: This post was inspired by the folks at Money Expert.  I asked The Wife if her views on Credit Cards have changed at all since we got married and entered into and succeeded in Operation Eradicate Credit Card Debt.  It seems like she has moved from I hate credit cards, to if I can find the right one and not abuse the card they may be ‘alright.’  I actually find this post very funny because you can sense her anger through the post about the little plastic, but I am rubbing off on her that the card isn’t the evil item but rather the person using it. Point for Evan.