If you follow me on twitter you may have seen that a few days ago The Wife gave birth to our second child and first daughter.  It always brings a smile to my face to read my post sharing the details of when the night/day my son was born, so I thought I should memorialize my daughter’s birth also.

It was around 9 pm on Wednesday September 17 when The Wife turns to me and says I am having contractions and they are about 10 minutes apart.  So we call the doctor about an hour later who tells us, “Come on in, if you aren’t in real labor we’ll get you there.”  So we take the 30 minute drive to the hospital (when The Wife and I moved she never changed her obstetrician b/c the hospital they deliver at is very well known).  The doctor examines The Wife and says, “I am going home you have way too much time.  You can walk around the hospital for a few hours or you can go home.”  The Wife and I both thought the same thing that he told us to come in! So around 12am we opted to head to my parents which is about halfway between my home and the hospital.  Thankfully, we were both able to fall asleep for a few hours.

We headed back to the hospital around 7am as The Wife was terrified of getting hit with Long Island rush hour traffic.  After walking around a bit, we had some breakfast at the hospital and then headed up to get admitted.  From there we played the waiting game until my baby girl was born at 2:41pm.


Full head of blonde hair!  Crazy.

The doctors and nurses were amazing.  The room felt very different than our first child. Everything was relaxed with a light mood.  The Wife did amazing only having to push for maybe 20 minutes (vs. 90 with the boy).  Since people usually ask, I was in the room but didn’t look at all.  I kept my eyes on the wall…call me a wuss if you want the nurses sure did!