Who is James Dondero?

by Evan

James Dondero is the president and the founder of Highland Capital Management. Dondero possesses two Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Dondero began his career after graduating in 1984. Dondero worked for J.P. Morgan Chase for several years. While working at this progressive company, he was able to solidify his expertise, and he later went on to work at American Express. American Express offered Dondero huge advancements in his career. He was able to manage more than $1 billion in fixed income. Because of his dedication to excellence and tenacity, he was able to become the chief investment officer of Protective Life GIC Subsidiary.

Doing His Own Thing

Dondero decided to break away from employment. He took all of the experience and training that he received, and he went on to form Highland Capital Management; this company soon became known as the largest alternative credit manager in the United States. Highland Capital Management deals with hedge funds and equity accounts. Dondero’s investment firm is known across the globe as being one of the most reputable and successful.

James Dondero and His Giving Spirit

Mr. Dondero is always on the go. As founder and president of his company, James Dondero has to be able to wear many hats. Dondero has to work as a savvy businessman, and he also has to be on top of customer service when it comes to dealings with clients, employees, and contractors. Apart from his hefty responsibilities, Dondero gets involved with the local community in Dallas. Dondero has gotten involved with various projects throughout this city. One of his most notable contributions was to the Dallas Zoo. Due to unfortunate events, in 2001, the Dallas Zoo had to close down it’s hippopotamus habitat. When Dondero found out about the issue, he decided to donate $1 million to help rebuild the hippo habitat.

More on Giving with Mr. Dondero

Dondero is dedicated to giving back to the community because he realizes the importance of supporting local organizations and companies. With that being the case, apart from the zoo, Dondero and his capital management company have donated funds to different museums throughout the city. Mr. Dondero has had a great business relationship with the president and the CEO of The Dallas Foundation; her name is Mary Jalonick. In order to give more freely, Dondero has teamed up with the president of the Dallas Foundation, and together, they have formed the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. Dondero has given more than $3 million through his foundation. With this foundation, He is able to work with select charities that focus on North Texas. This is a foundation that donates to health care, education, veteran support, and other local organizations. With the help of his new foundation, Mr. Dondero is able to offer funding, grants, and support in order to build up the local community. Mr. Dondero is known all throughout the Dallas community as a successful man who gives it back to the Dallas community in a large way.



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