I watch way too much tv, and I recently I have been seeing a commercial lately for the Kia Forte which has intrigued me:

This commercial piqued my interest because it announces that a $14,000 car has both Satellite Radio and Bluetooth standard. The commercial did its job because it got me to check out their website and look into the product more, but what I found annoyed me, and in my humble opinion will backfire against Kia Motors.

Kia Motors must think the American Consumer is an Idiot

So, I traveled to their site to see if the claims are true, or if it is like the commercials you see for the Infiniti G for $300/month (YEAH, WHEN YOU PUT $7K down on a leased car lol).


The circled options shows that KIA offers Bluetooth on a $14K car…but no air conditioning?  Seriously, KIA what the HELL is wrong with you? What is going to happen when a car buyer comes and gets the news that they can talk on their cell phone without using his or her hands, but will be sweating while doing so since the car won’t have air conditioner and Bluetooth doesn’t work well with the windows open?

The other alternative scary scenario that I thought of was, that Kia did their research and found Americans would rather brag about using their phone than being cool?