The other day I had an interesting conversation with Helaine Olen, an infinitely more talented writer than I, about what is holding back my generation and the generation below me from financial prosperity.  I was responding to a recent article by Ms. Olen titled “The Problem with Finovate” in which it is her contention that,

The cost of everything from healthcare to education and housing has increased at rates significantly above that of inflation over the past several decades, even as our salaries stagnated and slowly collapsed.

While her point is obviously valid it made me start to think about how many of my monthly bills are considered a “necessity” by most:

  • Cable Television – 30 Years ago this industry was in its infancy
  • Internet
  • Cell Phone
  • Lease Payments
  • Insurance Payments on those Cars – Not every state had a mandatory insurance requirement 30 years ago (some don’t have it now)
  • Gym memberships
  • PMI –While it existed it was very hard to obtain since most had to put 20% down

What Expenses are I missing?