I had mentioned that The Wife Was Pregnant well as you can tell from the title of the post, my tweets and my lack of online activity in the past couple days we had our baby!  Before anyone asks in the comments, Yes, I refer to her as The Wife in real life and Yes she knows about it (If you were curious before The Wife she was The Fiancé and before that she was The Girlfriend).

The adventure began on Tuesday November 30th at 11:30pm when The Wife called down to me to come upstairs.  As I reached the top of my step as she informed me, “My Water Broke.”  Woah, those were literally the 3 scariest words I had ever heard in my life.  I went into crises mode, got all the bags and went from tired to WIDE awake.  After getting dressed, including socks and shoes, The Wife informed me that we had to hang out for a bit and that I should try to get some sleep.  Sure, I’ll sleep! You just told me my entire life is going to change, you let go of a ridiculous amount of liquid AND at anytime things could get really serious really quickly.  Well I did fall asleep lol.

We get to the hospital at 430am, and since we thought we had to be half way there I called our parents and told them to be excited but DO NOT come to the hospital until I told them we knew how long we were looking at.  So Yeah, we weren’t half way there she was only 1cm dilated (I learned at that moment we had to get 10cms).  You could almost see the look of disappointment in The Wife’s face, but that look was replaced quickly.  The next 2 hours were horrible to watch, it was too early to take the epidural but she was having painful contractions and didn’t want to take any meds that may cross the barrier between her blood and the baby.  She held out and eventually got her epidural and that is the moment I became her friend again.

Eventually (read: about 9 hours since we got there) we were told it was ‘time.’  Time meant The Wife had to start pushing.  From decades of television I figured this meant tons of people would come into the room and I could fade into the background only to be called when things were calm, but no that’s not how it works.  The only people that were in the room from now until baby was The Wife, one nurse, our doctor and me.  I knew I couldn’t look at the whole thing so to be supportive I kept my eyes on the back wall, and yelled supportive things much like I would a weight lifting partner, “Push it”…”You got this”…”You are doing it”….”one more”…

I will spare the gory final details but on December 1 at approximately 3:30pm after 17 hours of labor The Wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy that I will refer to as The Baby.


And it only took a couple days to get him in a Falcon Onesie watching the game with pops!

Falcon Game With Baby