Ways To Make Extra Money Dog-Sitting

///Ways To Make Extra Money Dog-Sitting

Ways To Make Extra Money Dog-Sitting

Have you ever wondered how people get paid to look after other people’s pets? It’s an amazing way to earn money—and especially perfect if you’d be happy to just hang out with dogs for free.

Rover.com is a wonderful community of dog-loving owners and caregivers. The site does all the work of connecting you with clients, getting you paid, and making sure that everyone involved has a wonderful experience—including the dog. Apply to Rover today and get the gig of your dreams! Here are the steps you’ll take:

  1. Create a Profile

This is how dog owners will get to know you. Do you board dogs in your home, house sit, or do drop-in visits? You can specify any or all of these services, and set rates based on local competition and your experience level. Describe what you love about dogs, how you’ve worked with pups in the past, and anything else that’s relevant to how you provide care. You can let your personality shine through! Owners are looking for a friend and companion for their pets, so it’s okay to open up.

Writing not your strong suit? No worries—Rover can help with that, too.

  1. Boost Your Ranking

Rover will automatically feature your profile whenever local owners make a targeted search. Want to increase your ranking? Ask for reviews from friends whose dogs you’ve watched in the past, keep your availability up-to-date, and respond quickly when you get a request. You’re well on your way to your first paid sit!

  1. Ace the Meet & Greet

When you first meet a dog and her parents, you’ll probably want to jump right into playtime—but hold on. Approach the pup gently and let her make the first move. The Meet & Greet could be on neutral ground if that’s more comfortable for everyone, and you should be prepared with questions. Be confident, outgoing and friendly, and focus on clear communication.

  1. A Stellar Sit

Know the owner’s expectations, and outline your plans clearly—especially when it comes to leaving the pet alone, if you work a day job, or have other significant obligations during the stay. The app makes it effortless to update the owner regularly, and to check in if any questions come up.

Dogs thrive on routine, and different dogs will need different levels of engagement from moment to moment. Building a strong bond will go a long way toward a successful sit, and gaining repeat business! More experience and reviews will lead to increased business—and countless hours of pure, pup-inspired joy.

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