You do not have to search far on the internet to find tips on how to save money when you are expecting a baby, have a baby or raising a child, but over the past 2 months I have noticed something in both the joint checking account I have with The Wife and my single checking account.  They seem to be growing.  But I thought having a baby was supposed to be so expensive?  I knew I had to review my accounts in detail to determine what was happening, I should be running out of money not having more and more of it in our checking account which I try to keep at very modest levels.  Then it hit me…

I Spent A Lot of Money on Entertainment

For whatever reason, I am not a budget kind of guy.  Rather I knew from the beginning that if The Wife and I were going to work together financially we would need a cash flow diagram and a plan, and beyond a few tweaks in the numbers the plan has been on autopilot for years.

While I know it seems odd that someone, who obsesses over personal finance details has no interest in creating a strict or hard budget.  I think it has to do with my fear/annoyance/anger/disbelief with the words We Can’t Afford it (Fantastic review of a fight between The Wife and I).

Upon reviewing both checking accounts and making sure I haven’t forgotten a few bills it suddenly hit me!  We have more or less stopped going out for the past 2 months.

The Wife and I would eat out at least once a weekend and I (not so much The Wife anymore) am very alright with going to any local establishment and enjoying either a few single malts or a lot beers lol.  Since having the baby we have been kind of home bound, and that is ok with this guy!

I told this story to another recent Pops, and he told me that I am the exception to the rule….did any other parent notice this trend?  If so, it is Valentine’s day, get to baby making.