Everyone has their vice or guilty pressure.  Compared to smoking or drinking, television is a relatively harmless vice to have.  One thing that most individuals share is their fondness for television for one reason or another. Television these days offer an array of subjects and types that cause people to be drawn to it. It can provide people their news or they can even go shopping, no matter what the reason for watching there is something for everyone. While you are sitting on the couch using your Grosvenor welcome offer you can be enjoying some great entertainment.


It may be hard to remember a time when everyone got their news from the nightly recap of the day around 6pm.  In today’s day and age mew is now in our faces all day, every day. Not only can you get it 24/7 on social media but there are many news resources on the television. You can find a news station to meet any of your needs…besides the main stations that offer local news there is cnn, fox news channel, msnbc, etc. These specifically focused, cable channels offer news on their lineup all day every day.


The origins of Reality television may be debated.  Did it start with the real world? The Osborne’s? What about the litany of game-show type reality shows? Reality television has been on the rise within the past 10 years. The basis of these shows is that they are unscripted and show real life. Some may say this is suspect but most just turn to it for the drama. You can get reality television on many stations like Bravo, E and MTV but there are also documentary series about real life problems and news that investigate the issues.


Scripted shows have been in our lives since the beginning of television.  On the major networks you will find a lot of scripted shows. These are shows like sitcoms, series and soap operas. These are the shows that have paid actors who sometimes earn awards for their work. There are different genres such as comedy, drama, thriller, crime, etc. that can meet the needs for anyone.


What I have found fascinating over the past 10 or 15 years is the specific networks that have emerged.  With so many shows available there are also channels that provide coverage on specific topics. You can find shows that explore only weather, animals, travel, sports, cartoons, home and garden or even history. You literally can find channels that are geared for any of your specific hobbies, it is great.

With so many great channels available in your channel lineup, it is inevitable that you can find exactly what you need to meet your entertaining needs.