Even though dreaming about and planning for your upcoming vacation can be half the fun, many travelers find themselves worrying about things that might go wrong during their trip, especially when traveling abroad. No matter how well you research and plan your travels, sometimes the unexpected happens and things come up. Keeping a few tips in mind when planning a vacation or other travel can help add a little peace of mind.

First, make a photocopy of your travel documents, such as boarding passes, hotel reservation information, passport information, reservation numbers, your drivers license, etc., and leave them at home with a trusted friend or relative. If you should lose any of these important documents on your trip, being able to call up your friend or have them faxed over can be the difference between a slight snag and a major vacation disaster. Leaving a basic itinerary with your contact at home may also help you feel more at ease, since someone will know where and when you can be contacted if something comes up at home.

Second, you may want to look into purchasing some form of travel insurance, especially for longer or more expensive trips. Travel insurance comes in many different forms, such as travel medical insurance or travel health insurance, as well as plans that cover everything from lost luggage to missed flights. Although buying insurance adds an extra cost to your initial vacation budget, it can pay for itself many times over if you become sick, injured, or otherwise unable to complete your trip the way you intended.

Finally, if you are traveling with one or more other people, you may want to consider putting a few of your items in each other’s suitcases in case of lost luggage. If your own suitcase goes missing during the course of your travels, it can be especially comforting to be able to at least have a couple of clothing items stored in a different bag that you can use to get by until your own luggage can be tracked down and returned to you.