The other day I realized that despite coming back month in and month out for the past few years to update my dividend income watch list I have never tracked (either on my site or personally) my dividend income and as important dividend income growth.  Luckily, fidelity has kept some of that information for me:

Dividend Income by MonthI mentioned a few months ago I was pretty disillusioned and disappointed with the amount of dividend income per year I was receiving despite the fact that it grew 50% percent from 2012 to 2014. Notwithstanding the slow, slow process this chart makes me feel a lot better.

Dividend Investing is Not Going to Create Wealth Overnight

At 2 to 4% annual payouts dividend investing is not going to create wealth overnight.  In fact, the “wealth” portion of the portfolio is likely to come from growth rather than dividend reinvestment for the foreseeable future.