I am not entirely sure how facebook decides who should be in my feed when I am on my way to my latest stupid gaming addiction* but currently facebook often throws in someone that I went to high school with who is in a band touring dive bars.  It seems that band is partially successful with paid gigs, but not too successful since they were bragging about a new tour bus with air conditioning.  Seeing her updates pretty regularly leads me to the question of – when is it time to give up a dream?

The simple answer of “life is too short, never give up on your dreams?” reeks of an unrealistic garbage quote.  We are adults and chasing your dream to make it in music is very different in your teens when compared to when you are into your 20s then late 20s then early 30s and then 40s…after that find me more than 10 people who were commercial successful after being discovered after 40!  Throw in a couple of kids and how just is chasing your dream to become a commercial successful musician when your kids are now suffering because of your choices.

On the other hand believing that sometimes it is about time to grow the fuck up may be a little too harsh for every situation.  I wrote that post about some cry baby who wrote that life wasn’t fair despite being in her late 20s and having almost no employable skills.  Oddly enough, two years after I wrote that post about growing up it seems the person at the center of the article is still trying to “make it” without any considerable commercial success (but that was just with a simple google search).

While I used two different musicians I think it can be applied to almost anything.  I have a cousin who quit her job as a nurse in New York City making a very good living to study to become a doctor.  The problem is that she is now 26, and to be quite frank didn’t do that well academically on her way to a nursing degree.  My gut says she should probably give up on that dream at this point.  Odds say she is just not getting into med school, and even if she does she’ll be 28 or so by the time she starts the 4 year schooling plus residency.

Could I be wrong? Could the musicians and my cousin make their dreams come true? Absolutely, and I hope (especially for my Cousin) that I am wrong.  But at what point do you give up your dream whether it be in music or to become a doctor?