I truly believe that there was no good old days whether we are talking about life in general or personal finances so when I saw the article titled, “7 things to know about the ‘new retirement’” I knew it was going to be terrible.  It didn’t disappoint.  I found the article on CNBC, but seems to be written by Dana Dratch at Bankrate.

Can anyone tell me if any of these rules are new:

  1. You are on your own
  2. Start planning Early
  3. Money Can be Accessible
  4. You can Contribute to an IRA
  5. Consider Health Care
  6. Prepare to work longer
  7. Think Beyond the money

Was there ever a time you weren’t on your own? Was planning early ever a bad idea? Did anyone ever say money shouldn’t be accessible? Of course I can contribute to an IRA (obviously the ridiculous slideshow doesn’t talk about situations where the IRA contribution may not be deductible).  Oh wait a minute I am NOW supposed to think about health care? If I don’t have enough, I will have to work longer…I never knew that to be true back in the day.  and finally I will throw something in because it has nothing to do with this terrible article, but 7 sounds better than 6.

Retirement, in it of itself, is a new institution because Humans didn’t retire, we just sort of died.  Notwithstanding, who the hell approved this list? It could have been published yesterday, 10 years ago or 20 years ago prior to the internet and it would read the same.

Is all my stuff gold? NO WAY, but I don’t get paid to write nor do I have editors that approve my stuff…although maybe I should lol. I am shocked CNBC which has fantastic content would allow this drivel to grace its pages.

Am I wrong? are any of these rules “new”?