I always thought I didn’t need a budget, nor did I ever want to worry about limiting myself.  I think I figured I could always add / subtract and keep things all in my head.  Like most people who rock out this “method” I got things done but was not working anywhere near 100%.

While this worked for me (albeit not at an optimal level), I learned that The Wife was not liking it!  You know what? She didn’t have to like it…nor should she be forced to be at my mind’s whim.  It is hard for me to type but here it goes:

  • 1000% WRONG

So, after a lively discussion we talked about how we should set up our finances.  We both read personal finance blogs so we both kind of had an idea of what would work for us.  Luckily it was the same basic design.  So here it is!


cash-flowWhat did we accomplish By Creating a Cash Flow Chart?

  • We now know what is up! Huge for marital bliss
  • We came up with a plan we both like – again marital bliss
  • We figured out our bottom line dollar amount needed for monthly expenses.
  • Added teeth to our debt snowball
  • Have an efficient way to pay the bills
  • Start to use our joint account more

Any old married couples have a better set up we should try?