If you’re thinking about hiring an IT consultant to help you modernize your IT department, work on a new project, or otherwise aid your in-house IT staff, it can be hard to understand what you should be looking for.


In this quick guide, we’ll go over five traits of highly-effective IT consultants. Read on, and find out what you should be looking for when searching for an IT consultant.

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  1. Willing To Do The Groundwork

This is especially important when looking for an IT consultant. You want a consultant who doesn’t just come in and start ordering others around. You want someone who will take the time to familiarize themselves with how you do things, as well as your current IT staff, infrastructure, and other details about your company.

Look for a consultant who is willing to take the time to truly understand your business – before they start making suggestions or recommendations about how you can improve it.

  1. Plays Well With Others

Consultants almost never work alone. They either work in teams of consultants or directly with your in-house IT staff.

Because of this, it’s very important to hire an IT consultant who can “play well with others.” There is often a slight attitude of resentment towards consultants, particularly if an in-house IT team does not think that they’re necessary

Pick a consultant with good people skills, and who is an effective team player, and you’ll get the best results

If you get a consultant who is domineering, disrespectful, or dismissive of your team, chances are they won’t work well with others – and your project will suffer as a result.

  1. Takes Control And Is A Good Leader

Consultants often have to take control and be the leader, especially during difficult projects. When interviewing potential consultants, look at their past experiences to see if they have a history of leadership and solid results on projects where they have been the lead consultant

The last thing you want is an IT consultant who simply “goes with the flow,” and doesn’t have a strong presence. Make it a point to find a consultant who can truly take control of your team, and lead them properly.

  1. Resourcefulness And Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving is, essentially, the #1 responsibility of an IT consultant. You have a problem, you’re unable to solve it on your own, and you need help from somebody else. This means that the ideal IT consultant is extremely resourceful, and has great problem-solving skills. Look to hire a Vancouver disaster recovery consultant who knows how to handle unmitigated problems.

They should be able to use all of the tools, personnel, and equipment at their disposal to come up with a novel solution for your project. Whether you’re overhauling your IT infrastructure, or working on a new piece of proprietary software, your consultant must be able to do more with less – and still deliver fantastic results.

  1. Not Afraid To Ask Questions

The best IT consultants ask questions about everything – especially when they’re just getting started with a project. What is the project? What roadblocks have you encountered? Have you identified any possible solutions? Why can’t your in-house staff handle the issue?

By asking these kinds of questions, the consultant is quickly able to understand the problem areas of your business or project and begin focusing in on a solution. So look for a consultant who is curious, not afraid to ask questions, and is always trying to develop a better understanding of your company and your IT team.

Follow These 5 Tips – Find The Right Consultant For Your Company

Consultants can be expensive, and the search for the right IT consultant is not always easy. But if you take your time, follow these tips, and make it a point to choose a qualified, experienced IT consultant, you’re sure to get the best results – no matter what your specific needs may be!