Steps To Help Make Your Office Move An Easy Transition For Everyone

///Steps To Help Make Your Office Move An Easy Transition For Everyone

Steps To Help Make Your Office Move An Easy Transition For Everyone

Moving your business can be a very exciting event. After all, moving up and out is every company’s aim. But while you are moving, you don’t want your customer service to suffer, or to have it interrupt your everyday activities. The best way to plan your move is to have a real plan of action. Although moving an office can be difficult because you have to have everyone on board – even those who choose to procrastinate – it can be done if you motivate and keep everyone on track.

Plan the move well ahead of time

The only way to stay on track with any move is to have a plan of action and a timeline, and to stick to it. There will be necessary stages of your move, like packing and filing, so it’s imperative to create an outline for everyone to follow and a timeline that they have for completing the stages. It is estimated that for a large move, you should plan for the transition anywhere from six to eight months before the actual move takes place. The earlier you start, the better.

Know where it is all going

Another important step is to know is where everything will go. Get a blueprint of your new office layout so that when you are packing, you can label where things go; this way you aren’t moving things around and wasting time. Figure out where the storage spaces are located, where the electrical outlets are placed, and how the office is going to be set up so that you know where to put everything once it gets to the new space. Also, make sure that you know if the new space has less room than your current place. Although the overall office may be larger, there are times when the dimensions that certain departments have to work with are smaller. If you don’t plan ahead of time, that can have you shuffling to find more space.

If you have to make alterations

If you find that parts of the office simply aren’t going to work as they are currently built, then you might want to consider hiring a contractor to move things around to make it more conducive to what your office needs are. Hiring a construction crew and painters well ahead of time is the best way to have it completed before you make the transition, instead of having them work around you and exposing your employees to noxious fumes.

Have regular meetings to keep everyone on track

The key to making sure that everyone is on schedule is to monitor people, especially those you may know procrastinate a little bit. If you have regular meetings, then everyone will be accountable to ensure that they have completed their tasks and that they have taken responsibility to clear their area.

Find an experienced mover

Office movers differ from residential movers. Finding experienced office moving companies is critical to have your move go well. The key is to be highly organized and to take the extra steps to communicate with the department heads, the corporate heads, and everyone in between. Not just any run-of-the-mill moving company will work if you want to get things moved and everyone up to snuff for moving day.

Assign tasks

There are many steps that need to be taken when moving an office, and it isn’t just about moving “things.” Getting department heads on board by assigning everyone a task will help things go smoothly. You will need a vast number of specialists, like network experts and specialty providers to make sure that your new office is fully operational immediately. Ensure that people know what their assignment is, and that they follow through. It takes a village to move an office – literally. Make sure to use all the resources you have available.

Moving an office is never an easy thing to do. Although moving “up” is an excellent thing for your expansion (and hopefully for your bottom line), you don’t want to let customer service slide or find things not working when you need them to. The planning stage is going to be the most critical one to making your new office be a step above the old. Hire a professional moving company that specializes in the complexity of moving an office to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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