I have two annual bills that become payable each October, my Sirius satellite  radio and my American Express card.  Both of these bills are completely unnecessary.  I could easily go with out satellite radio, and while I really like my Amex card I am not willing to pay an annual fee for a credit card.  So every October I go through the exact same exercise upon the realization I have been charged, and it is pretty simple.

Sometimes You Just have to Ask To Save Money

Upon calling Sirius, all I had to do was simply, ask.  I called the customer service rep and said, “I’d like to save some money on the service.”  I went from a $180 per year to around $100.  Did I save a lot of money? No, but the phone call took about 35 seconds.

Other times You Have to Threaten to Cancel

I have discussed getting my American Express Gold Card Waived a few years back.  I am pretty sure they keep records, because in 2011 they waived the fee by just asking.  In 2012 and 2013 they gave me more points than what I would earn by spending $175.  This year, however, they made me go through the annoying exercise of threatening to cancel.  This is probably more of a learned skill then most give it credit for (if you have no intention of canceling of course).  This year AMEX gave me $150 of my $175 back.  Again, did I save a ton of money? No, but the phone call this time was 5 minutes.


What services do you do this for each year?