Short and Angry rant today.

The Wife posted a picture of the boy in a Fireman’s Hat with the following status:


Most comments were the standard “Your son is so cute” and “his father must be a great looking guy” but one really annoyed me.  It is the kind of political correct bullshit that ends with kids not being able to play with a ball during recess.

Firemen comment

This particular person is such a nice and warm person, but very liberal and I knew that was a direct dig at the word firemen.  You know what? It is just fireman.

Women in Firefighting

For some reason unbeknownst to me there is a wikipedia page on the topic that I am going to pull some stats from:

  • Germany – Female professional firefighters number about 559 (1.4% of the total)
  • Hong Kong – As of 2003, there were 111 uniformed females, but only 8 were operational firefighters.
  • Japan – As of 2003 the Tokyo Fire Department had 666 female firefighters, 3.8% of the total (There may have been a push to increase this number since then)
  • Netherlands – 3.3%
  • UK – 3.1%
  • US – As of 2.2%

So none of those very industrialized countries break 4% and we must throw out the word fireman? Nope not going to do it.  My older brother is a proud FIREMAN for the FDNY.