In the past 10 days or so, and I have some very interesting conversations and interactions that have led to some thoughts on the broad topic of Relationships.  My three observations are not connected in anyway but rather some ideas I have come to over the past few days that have struck me as really interesting.

First some background, in the past 10 days or so:

  • I traveled from Long Island to Pennsylvania (2.5 Hours driving) then
  • Back to Long Island (another 2.5 Hours Driving) then 2 days later
  • I took a Flight to Las Vegas for Work (5 hours of flying) then
  • Back to Long Island (5 hours of flying)  and then 2 days later
  • I drive up to Binghamton, New York and then 1 day later
  • Back to Long Island (4 Hours of driving each way).

You Don’t Need to Brag about All Your Professional Relationships

While I was in Las Vegas for work I sat through a very interesting (and long) meeting about a new estate planning technique and the main presenter really got to me.  It seemed that almost every time he started a new thought (or repeating one he already made 16 times) he would have to name drop.

It almost got to a point where a lot of the room rolled their eyes each time he did this.  It was incredible.  This professional is very accomplished in his niche but he was either too insecure or couldn’t take the hint from the room.  Either way it really struck me as interesting.

I Partition Personal Relationships

When I was in between Vegas and Binghamton I got a few beers with some friends (fine it was more like 6 or 8) and I had a very profound conversation with one of my closest buddies.  We were meeting out a friend that I have more or less lost touch with and I have pretty much written the relationship off.  I don’t hate the guy, by any means, just have figured out that it is one of those friends that despite the history of a 15 or 16 years it is likely not to continue.  For argument’s sake we can call it my fault, despite, him only meeting my son twice in 15 months.

It was during the course of the conversation that I think there are two camps of people I put them in those that I expect things of (close friends and family) and those I don’t (everyone else) and if I don’t expect a lot from you then I also don’t really put a lot into the relationship.  So I think it bothered “Close Buddy” that this friend of ours for close to 2 decades may have jumped ship in my eyes.  I should say when I say “expect” I just mean some common courtesies like calling me or visiting me when I have a child lol.

Remember Your Family Relationships are Important Too

After going out the night before, it was time to head to Binghamton, New York.  We were heading up there for the wake/funeral of her Uncle (Father’s Brother), however, she hasn’t seen the man in about 20 years nor has her Father.  The deceased didn’t talk to anyone in the family (a total of 5 siblings), but in particular My Father-in-Law and the Uncle had a falling out about 20 years ago.  So I was expecting a quiet wake/funeral; I was wrong.

This guy, who had little to no relationship with his siblings and 10 nieces/nephews, was LOVED by the community where he lived.  The line to say a pray and say your condolences to the family literally didn’t stop from 4pm to 6:30pm.  The Church where the Funeral took place was PACKED and that was on a Monday Morning at 9am.  I think a lot of people really do take advantage of the built in relationship that families often (but obviously not always) provides.


I told you, no cohesive idea or theme but just some random thoughts about relationships from a very hectic 10 days.