Six Signs That Scream You Need A New Roof

//Six Signs That Scream You Need A New Roof

Six Signs That Scream You Need A New Roof

When you purchase a new roof it usually comes with a warranty, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t last past the warranty time. The problem with a roof is that by the time that you notice that there might be repairs needed, there is damage that can’t be seen and that can become expensive. Many roofing problems can be fixed with just small repairs, but there are other times when replacing the entire roof becomes necessary. So how are you to know whether you need repair or replacement? Look for these six signs that indicate you need a new roof.

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The age of the roof

When you have a new roof put on by a roof repair in Winnipeg company, the manufacturer typically knows how long that roof will last. The material that you use for your roofing is usually pretty predictable. Things like harsher climates can require you to replace and repair more often, and other areas where roofs don’t have the same punishment might last a little longer.

But if your roof is nearing the end of its life expectancy, then it is a good idea to have a professional roofer come and inspect to ensure that you don’t need repairs that you can’t see. Most roofs will last anywhere from 20-25 years or more, but it really depends on the installation of the roof, the type of material, and whether the roof is well-ventilated or not. If you have more than one roof in place, then the aging process will typically be sped up and might lead to you needing a new roof more quickly.

The shingles are buckling or curling

If you notice that your roofing material is starting to buckle or curl, that might be a red flag that your roof needs to be replaced. Frequently inspect the side of your rooftop that gets the most direct sunlight to see if you see any shingles curling. That could mean that there is moisture lurking or that the shingles are beginning to wear out. The only way to make sure that there isn’t something going on that will require a roof replacement is to have a professional inspect the roof up close.

Check the roof valleys

There are times when parts of the roof will be more vulnerable to damage. Make sure to consider the peaks and the valleys to make sure that there isn’t undue wear and tear. Valleys are supposed to drain into the gutters, and if they weren’t constructed well enough, then the water might just be sitting and causing damage. If you have standing water in the valleys of your roof, then that might lead it to degrade more quickly.

Shingles missing

When shingles come off of the roof, it might need more than a simple repair. Typically, the area around the roof is also compromised. And if the shingle has been buckled for a while, then there might be moisture damage underneath that can lead to some significant damage and roof leaks. Make sure that you consider the areas around the missing shingles and get them replaced as soon as possible, before it becomes necessary for you to replace the roof altogether.

Flashing problems

Around the chimney, there should be something called the “flashing.” That is the part of the roof that has tar or cement to encase the chimney so that no moisture can get in. Over the long term, the flashing can start to decompose, which can lead to water leaks around and through the chimney. That can cause wood rot or even lead to mold problems. Make sure to have the flashing inspected frequently.

Seeing daylight through the roof boards

If you are in the attic and can see daylight, that is probably not a good thing. That means that the underlayment under the roof is exposed to the elements. It’s not a good sign – it can compromise your roofing structure and is something that you should have a professional inspect.

If you are wondering whether your roof is in need of repair or replacement, it is a good idea to have a roofing professional inspect it. The only way to know that there isn’t any danger lurking on your rooftop is to have someone up there to take a look around.

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