I can’t figure out why adult consensual prostitution is illegal.  If two consenting adults want to boil down their brief relationship encounter to an exchange of dollars for “services” why should I care?  Is it breaking down the moral fibers of society? If so, shouldn’t society be broken considering it is known as the world’s oldest profession.  If it was going to break down society it would have happened a long time ago*.  If anything someone pretending to be interested in a person and actually pretending to love them in exchange for goods and cash should be illegal! At least then there is fraud.

I know it is a pretty shitty attitude to have but since I don’t use their services I just don’t care enough to do anything about the legality.  Just like since I don’t smoke marijuana I don’t really feel the need to take up the fight (although I think that should be legal also).  Besides what the hell would I possibly do anyway? A Million Ho Walk? A letter writing campaign? I bet protests would be more fun than those asses at occupy wall street.

I think what angers me the most is the man hours (dirty pun in there somewhere) used to enforce the laws.  Recently there was a huge sting on Long Island to catch “Johns,” their real names were then released to the press destroying how many lives?  What about the kid who did nothing whose dad’s face is now in the newspaper? Some ass will say he should have thought about that.  What?! Someone looking to get off should have thought about his son when he paid an adult who made a choice to get others off for cash? No dice.  Hell, there is no guarantee of a mugshot in the paper if you robbed or kidnapped someone…you know, REAL CRIMES.

I can’t figure out why Nassau County Police and the D.A.’s office is so proud of this sting.  The NY Post reported,

The Nassau County District Attorney’s office released a list of 104 men — including finance honchos, lawyers, doctors and dentists — who solicited undercover officers posing as hookers during a roughly one-month sting operation, officials announced today.

Conducted between April 18 and May 24, “Operation Flush the Johns” posted four ads on the Web site backpage.com — one that offered a man to pleasure women, one that offered male to male sex and two others that offered women to please men.

Those caught in the sting — aged between 17 to 79 — were all men with the vast majority responding to the ads that offered female company

Wait a minute you arrested 3 people a day and you are proud of that?  How many cops were working that case versus stopping or investigating serious crimes? It is mind numbing to think how many cops were used to arrest an average of 3 people a day.  Now the Court gets to deal with the prosecution.  Way to go D.A. Rice! You should be so proud.  Most will eventually plead down to nothing and guess what…just like everyday since the beginning of recorded time some guy out there will buy sex from some woman.  Put a sting out there for Crack you’d probably arrest 104 people in 3 days with half the man power.


*If you want to know why I think prostitution is illegal is that most women are disgusted by it and thus the men they control also now believe that it is vile.  Thus, it is an easy target to attack politically.  Who is going to stand up for hookers and escorts publicly?