I have been blogging for about 4 and half years and during that time I have interacted and followed a ton of blogs.  I don’t read personal finance blogs because of the information they are sharing, but rather, the stories they are telling.  For some reason, I am able to empathize with their situation regardless of the debt they may be in or the wealth they have already built, in a way that I don’t often do in my personal offline life.  As such, there is nothing that bums me out then rediscovering or even just watching a personal finance blogger treading water.

It is easy to understand when people who don’t have a personal finance meeting with their spouse (I do not do that) or a blog post to write about what you accomplished last month may tread water.  When you aren’t thinking about your personal finances in a way that makes them real, they can easily be ignored.

However, when one is paying close attention to their debt and finances I have to think they feel bad when that number doesn’t change month over month and then year over year. I am really rooting for those bloggers that I read regularly.  I want them to be successful whatever their definition of that word may be.  So when it doesn’t happen I legitimately feel bad.

I don’t want to call out who inspired me to write this post as it wouldn’t be right, but I really wanted to believe that after rediscovering her blog a 6 months or so later she and her family would be in a completely different situation…and they just aren’t.