Are You At Risk? Here are 4 Steps to Protect Your Small Online Business

///Are You At Risk? Here are 4 Steps to Protect Your Small Online Business

Are You At Risk? Here are 4 Steps to Protect Your Small Online Business

That you run a small online business does not mean you are not open to cyber attack. As long as you do business on the internet, there are many ways your business can be compromised. It is therefore important that you take proactive steps to mitigate these risks and make sure you and your business are safe on the internet.

Steps to Protect Your Small Online Business

The follow steps will help you reduce the vulnerability of your system and help you make your business safe.

Monitor and protect the use of computer equipment and systems

The first place to begin is with your computer security. To protect yourself from computer and data breach, it is important that your computer systems, operating systems and browsers are well secure. Ensure that you have the most recent updates for your systems as these will automatically detect and secure security loopholes.

Protect important information

To safeguard your business from vulnerability, certain information should be protected as best as possible. Use encryption for customer information, financial details and other sensitive information sent and received over your website. Encryption helps reduce the risk of your data being stolen or tampered with.

Manage administrative passwords

Attackers can gain access to your infrastructure with the aid of an administrative password. Ensure that you change your systems’ default passwords to something unique and consider completely disabling unnecessary administrative access to avoid intrusion. These should be used across all resources you use for your business.

Choose strong passwords

A strong password will significantly improve your digital security. This is why you should consider using a CLU strategy when creating your passwords as these are more secure and can prevent your system from being hacked.

Another good idea is to change your system regularly. You can use a password manager to securely store your passwords for easy use.

Use spam filters

While spam messages may not put your out of business, it can make it difficult for you to get work done. You will spend time filtering between legitimate business emails and spam. Use a spam filter to reduce the amount of phishing and spam emails that passes in through your network. This will reduce the chances of you or your employee opening a phishing email by mistake.

Educate your staff to be safe online

One of the most common reasons for vulnerability in a company’s computer system is employee error. Sometime, plugging in an infected USB flash drive can open up your business to security exploits. It is therefore best to keep your employees updated on potential risks and train them on ways to avoid them.

Put security measures in place

In the event that you are a victim of a cyber attack, there is the possibility that you can lose all your important data, everything you have worked hard for could go away in a blink. It is therefore advisable to have other options for securing your information, such as constant backup to cloud storage.

Protect your customers

It is essential that you protect your customers from identity theft, fraud and every other kind of online vulnerability. If you accept any form of payment on your website, make sure it meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) by using an SSL encryption.

Protect yourself -Keep yourself informed about the latest cyber security risks

Even after implementing the above steps, you still need a way to secure yourself and your business from any liability that might occur as a result of a cyber attack. Cyber insurance will help you deal with the fallout of a security breach and get your business back on track.

Online fraud and data security are major problems with online businesses. It is important that you stay informed on the latest security breaches and ways to avoid them.

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