The Right Personality for Working From Home

//The Right Personality for Working From Home

The Right Personality for Working From Home

One of the things you need to think about when you’re working from home is your personality type. The received wisdom is that extroverts suffer when they’re working from home because they’re away from the humming chatter of a busy office.

The truth is, there is no ‘right personality’ for working from home. Anyone can be productive and useful, as long as they take account of their needs and make sure they’re met – exactly as they would do in an office. Working from home simply brings different challenges beyond just taking debt on from Credit Cube.


As alluded to above, it’s extroverts people worry about when working from home comes up. It seems natural that people who thrive in a busy environment, and are powered by social interaction would not be able to work at their peak away from that source energy.

They might still find it difficult to work every day in an office environment, however. The wrong sort of social interaction can drag your attention away from your work, rather than help you complete, and two extroverts who get locked in a feedback loop will leech each other’s productivity away.

If an extrovert is working from home, they simply need to ensure their energy needs are met: working part of the morning from a busy café will recharge their social batteries, as well scheduling lunchtime meetings with clients. This not only lets them flex their social muscles but also keeps them abreast of important issues for the company.


One of the biggest differences between people is how they like to think and communicate their ideas. An analytical thinker will be happy to sit at home and consider a situation from every angle before giving their feedback in a detailed email.

More social reasoners need to sound out ideas and argue things through which is harder outside an office. For these people it’s worth looking into shared work spaces, which give them a sounding board when they need it, as long as they’re prepared to do the same for others when they need.

There are some luxurious co-working spaces springing up around London for people with money to spend, that provide additional services like free snacks and coffee, massages and breakout rooms. For those on more of a budget many London storage facilities are offering shared working facilities that can provide an office environment when you need it.

If you’re curious about your personality type, and how it affects your work, it’s worth taking a Myers-Briggs Personality test today.

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