Reviewing the Efitz Wireless Earphones by Specter Wireless

///Reviewing the Efitz Wireless Earphones by Specter Wireless

Reviewing the Efitz Wireless Earphones by Specter Wireless

I turn down 90% of the products and books I am offered to review.  Sometimes it is because they aren’t applicable to me or my personal finance blog, but more often than not, it is because the accompanying pitch wasn’t all that great.  It was a fantastic coincidence when I received an email to review Bluetooth sports headphones exactly when I was in the market to buy wireless headphones to use on my then upcoming family vacation.  The company contacted me days before my trip, and rushed me a pair of the Efitz ear buds.

I Would Absolutely Recommend the Efitz Wireless Headphones

I am going to be upfront, I am not an audiophile.  Notwithstanding, I can say unequivocally Efitz worked amazing on my trip!  I used it on the flight and it was able to almost completely drown out the jet noise, without anything actually playing! I was shocked.  Needless to say when music or a pdocast was playing the sound blocked anything creating a rich sound.

I couldn’t believe the length on the battery.  I used it nightly to drown out 3 other people sleeping in the room and make it a bit easier for me to sleep, and I didn’t even have to charge it daily!  I didn’t measure, but my guess is that it would last 2 or 3 days of moderate to light use (the website indicates 10 hours of use).

I don’t like using noise cancelling items when talking on the phone, I am not sure why – but it is disorienting for me.  Notwithstanding, Efitz worked adequately – it even integrated with my google now, which was interesting.


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