I received an email today that took me back for a moment.  Almost exactly 2 years I wrote, “My 85 Year Old Client Has Provided More Inspiration Than She’ll Ever Know” wherein I highlighted an interaction with an elderly client.  I was taken back as it is always a moment of fear that a client may have passed away when I am contacted by their family.  Especially when they were of an advanced age when I met them to prepare their estate plan.  But, I digress.

She wasn’t influential because of her net worth or connections, but rather a single sentence.  My client told me it was her goal to be retired as long as she worked.  It was at that exact moment that I started really questioning the early financial independence movement that has taken some real speed since I wrote that post a few years back.

While my net worth has increased since writing that post, I have done almost nothing to really push towards financial independence.  Actually, it is easy for me to argue that while I have increased my net worth and increased my dividend investment fund I am much further from financial independence and that kind of bums me out.  Since writing that post,

  • I bought a new house with its increased debt, up-keep, taxes, etc.
  • While the balance is lower, my law school loans still are a monthly bill that aren’t going anywhere for a decade
  • My dividend income stream has increased, but it is still so distant from being able to even support our food bill monthly nevertheless financial freedom.

Dividend income by month - Sept 2014

So, while I am very excited to hear that my client is doing well, it is a reminder that I am no closer than I was years ago from this very formidable goal.