I think after 18 months I still don’t really get Personal Finance Blogging.    I am a huge fan of my blogroll (probably why it is my blogroll and why I check it multiple times a day) but sometimes I get confused on those sites. Actually, it isn’t the site that confuses me rather the responses those sites receive that boggles my mind.

Take for Example some of these great posts in the week or so:

While I know I think there is only two or three blogs (I think  FinancialSamurai and Budgets are Sexy are the best examples) on my blogroll that get the attention their writing deserves.

When I say attention, I don’t mean traffic, all the blogs on my blogroll get significant traffic; rather I mean comment interaction with the person that wrote the post and other intelligent commenters.

What caused this post you ask?  What made me doubt PF Blogging?

  • Trent from TheSimpleDollar wrote a post about How He Wraps Presents that garnered 79 Comments in less than 24 hours!

I am not hating on Trent, he is an amazing blogger with a loyal following and two books under his belt.  But come on people! Are people taking time out of their day to comment on how he wraps Christmas Presents?! Did you not see the gold that is above?

So Please I beg anyone reading this today, check out those sites in my blogroll, hell I’ll give you a list of them here – Comment on Them! Interact with their authors/bloggers..they’ll appreciate it (and so will I):