In the beginning of the year, I let everyone know what The Wife does that pisses me off (hint: they are four little words), well, there is something else that others do that angers me even more.  It is clearly my problem, but it makes my head spin, even if I just meet the person.  I go crazy when I meet, talk, know someone that is miserable with some large aspect of their lives and do literally nothing. I don’t mean that they hate the color of their kitchen, I am talking about their job, their whole house, their love life, etc.

If I were to look a little inside myself (or if the 2 buddies who know my domain can answer) I think the reason that this topic makes me crazed is not compassion or general caring of my fellow man.  Rather I think it has more to do with me, not getting ‘it.’  I get particularly annoying with questions when I don’t understand something.  I think that is why a lot of posts on this blog are either posed as a question or provide information I had to look up.

Back on topic – Life is way too short to be miserable!

Where is this Rant Coming from?

Remember when I told you about my buddy who inadvertently reminded me about wanting needing multiple streams of income?

I got to the guy’s house at around 8pm…he walked in with me.  I asked if he normally got home around this time, his response was yes.  As we walked in he was with his daughter and wife for about 20 minutes before it was time to put his daughter to sleep.  I have known this particular individual for years and consider him a buddy, so I know this is not an ideal situation for him.

This was a couple weeks ago.  When I saw him again, I asked if he sent out any resumes to try an change his situation? Not a one.  I mean Come On! You are miserable, your home life is miserable and you couldn’t take one step to making life more bearable.  Maybe I am too close to his particular situation, but every day I run into people who hate an aspect of their life…why not make a proactive change?

Am I happy with every moving part in my life? Nope.  But, I am trying to fix those aspects.  It is the doing nothing that I can’t even wrap my head around.  The only thing I can come up with is that trying to fix that particular aspect of their life is too big and they don’t know where to start.

Does this hit too close to home? Do you know people that fall in this category?