no bullshit

This post is completely inspired by a post by a recent tongue in cheek post (I swear I have never used that saying before, and I don’t think I will again) by Joe over at Personal Finance by The Book.  Joe starts the post by telling a story,

I have a friend who told me, “Joe, I just don’t want to be a millionaire. I am happy like I am. Having lots of money just doesn’t appeal to me.”

I am not going to get into the argument of how much money/assets is necessary to make someone wealthy, rather I prefer to think about wealthy as an abstract idea of financial freedom.  So what I really think that people like Joe’s friend, what they really mean is:

  • I don’t want to do what it takes to be wealthy
  • I don’t believe I can be wealthy
  • I don’t believe I deserve to be wealthy
  • Spending time watching TV at night or however I choose to use my free time is more important than being wealthy

I am sure there are people who really don’t care about money and fiscal wealth, but I refuse to believe that those people are anything more than a VERY small minority.  Those people are, in my humble and honest opinion, selfish and shortsighted.

Why is A Drive to be Wealthy Good?

Notice I didn’t try to steal the line, Greed is Good?  Perhaps I am going for a little self justification here (I mean the blog is named MY Journey to MILLIONS), but I truly believe a drive to do better in one’s life is a good thing, and in this instance we are just focusing on one aspect of my life.  Financial Freedom allows one to spend more time with family, have more “me” time, participate in more community programs, or in Joe’s Buddy’s case spend more time helping out a church.

When I hear someone say they don’t want to be wealthy, I hear, I really don’t believe I can be, so why go for it.  The fear of rejection is prevalent in our society and it is easier just to take yourself out of the game.  EVERY GUY has 2 kinds of friends, (1) that won’t talk to women at a bar because he is too afraid to get rejected and (2) The one that will “play the numbers” with the justification that someone has to say yes eventually!

Are there People Who Really Don’t Want to be Wealthy?

Yes, My Brother in Law is One, and I can’t understand him.  He runs/owns a really cool used bookshop in PA but a few website tweaks and he could double profits.  Will he let me do them? NOPE.  As stated earlier, I just believe he is being selfish because that extra money could help his future family later down the road, or short-sighted because that extra money could provide for his traveling cash.

Am I too Focused on my Goals to Understand others? Am I just an idiot?