This is not a Personal Finance or Estate Planning post, but rather is part of “Are you Freaking Serious Fridays” where I take the last day of the week just simply to bitch and complain about whatever topic I feel is necessary to complain about.

So I am watching Family Guy on TBS (don’t judge me – it is a phenominal show) and since it was one of the few times I wasn’t on a recorded show, I got stuck with the commercials.  Well, we had some product I didn’t need, some car I wasn’t going to buy and then the bombshell:

Can anyone tell me what the F Obama is doing promoting a late night show? Anyone at all?  It is literally a commercial for some garbage late night on cable with an actor who sucks.

I know it probably took 45 seconds to tape, so I am not going to argue that he has better things to do, but I will say is that it demeans his position as one of the most powerful men in the world.

  • Do you think FDR would have made a commercial for a radio program?
  • What about JFK – think he would have promoted a new caddy?
  • What about George Washington – think he was doing commercials for the best feet PJs of his day?

Just is gross and wrong – ANYONE tell me, what would have happened if George W did a commercial for Rush?