I have been tracking and sharing my net worth since 2011.  Each month I come on here and provide my change in terms of month over month, year to date and since Jan 2011.

Calculating my Net Worth

My Assets

  • My Cash Savings Accounts – This has been our main focus for a VERY long time as we will be purchasing a new home in the very near future.  I can’t wait for the process to be done so The Wife and I can make up a number and once it is hit I can ignore the account.
  • My 401(k) – After months of talking about doing it I finally rebalanced and reallocated my 401(k).
  • Random Non-Qualified Investment Accounts
  • The Wife’s Roth IRA
  • My Dividend Investment Portfolio – Easily my favorite part of my financial empire hut.  This month I am going to update my watch list for the final time in 2012.
  • Home Value – I have kept it constant since the beginning of this experiment.
  • My Traditional IRA – Been trading using my covered call strategy.  I have had some activity in this account and owe the site an update post.

The liabilities I include are:

I only have 2 main liabilities, but they are very significant in terms of whole numbers.

  • Law School Loans
  • Mortgage – This is going to get a lot larger in the near future

No CC debt and my car has been paid off since July 2011.

My Net Worth “Growth”

  • From October 2012 to November 2012 my net worth “increased” .28%
  • Year to Date my net worth has increased 37.54%
  • From January 2011 to October 2012 my net worth has increased 137.63%

My income from the online world has been pretty depressing recently and took the supercharger out of my previous net worth growth updates.  Refusing defeat I have made a lot of under the hood changes to My Journey to Millions and took a new intensity to my small few client law practice.  The loss of income is now combined with the fact that more and more of my net worth changes is controlled by the markets has been frustrating to say the least especially when I paid off over $1,500 of long term debt this past month!