I am not exactly sure how normal people handle their finances.  First thing is first, I don’t believe myself to be normal when it comes to the personal finance realm.  This is not to say I am extraordinary, but rather, I think a better synonym would be weird.

I write on a personal finance blog and work inside a financial planning firm, so sometimes I am disconnected from the “real” personal finance world.  The world which may include people who do not give a lot of thought about credit card debt, whether their monthly bills are optimized or whether they are simply spending more than what they are taking in.  I created this blog, at least in part, to talk about what I am doing with those exact topics and that just makes me weird:

  • I have a spreadsheet with my accounts and net worth
  • I have this blog where I publicly state my yearly and short term ($5K at a time) goals
  • I get inspiration by seeing people who I started blogging with really making a difference in their family’s lives
  • I am “forced” to research my watch list for dividend paying stocks (and then feel like crap if I don’t get a big enough investment in that month)

I doubt I’ll get much response, but for those of you who do not have a personal finance blog:

How do you handle your finances?

  • Do you keep a spread sheet?
  • Do you keep yourself accountable to anyone?
  • Do you and your spouse speak about money?
  • Is there a long term or short term plan? Do you share it with anyone?