There is this young guy in my office; he is nice enough but one of those huge talkers.  I have a feeling when I read this post back in a couple years it’ll be hard for me to remember his name because I don’t believe he’ll be here in a couple of years.  Notwithstanding, he comes in every few weeks and spouts off a new stock “tip” and his reasoning.  Some score big some do not, but I always wonder – why do it?

In conversations of the one I am speaking of I rarely hear the words of free cash flow, balance sheet, current or forward P/E, etc.  They usually involve buzz words like “I know a guy who knows a guy”, earnings are going to be up because I just know it, etc.

On the one hand you may make someone a lot of money, and you can be that big shot you seem to crave to be…the one who has a crystal ball into the market…the one we can call Midas.

On the other hand you may not make someone a lot of money, and in fact, you could lose someone a ton of cash just as easy as you can make it since the “tip” is likely to be nothing more than just a tip you got from someone else.

Are you one of these guys? If so, why do you share your knowledge?  I refuse to believe it is due to some altruistic drive deep within.  A desire to make sure those around you benefit from your vast knowledge. No chance.