I mentioned last month that I wanted to personalize my blog a bit more and I think the best way to do so is to share a little bit about my life that has absolutely nothing to do with finances.  Blasphemy, right? In addition, I think it will be really cool to look through my archives one day and figure out what I did around that time and my mindset…a little bit more of a “web log.”

On Wednesday evening (Thanksgiving eve) I went with two buddies to Peter Lugers a very high end steak house.  It was unreal! We ordered, Lamb chop appetizers, Tomato/onion/shrimp cocktail, porterhouse for 3, hash browns and 2 sundaes.  After we dropped off one buddy whose new born daughter was a bit sick the other buddy and I met up with a 3rd buddy and my older brother to go out for some drinks.  A few drinks turned into a few more and additional people met us out.  Overall an amazing night but it was weird that it was such a light partying night considering it was Thanksgiving eve. I remember years ago it was the biggest party night of the year.  My friends and I would buy tickets to the hottest club weeks in advance and overpay for drinks in “the city” (NYC).  Thankfully we outgrew the long lines and overpriced tickets.

On Thursday, I awoke at about 9 am to help The Wife take care of The Son, who DID NOT WANT TO NAP, while she prepared some sides for the day.  Us 3 then went over to my parents at around 1pm and spent all day eating and watching football.  I am sure it is a very natural thing but I love watching my parents interact with my son.  Both my son and my parents just seem so happy.  It was small this year with dinner including only my parents, my younger brother, his girlfriend and us.  My older brother, who is FDNY, was only there for a couple hours earlier on as he had to work (not sure why but his wife didn’t stop by, I thought that was weird).  Dinner was mostly a standard Thanksgiving dinner (Turkey, sides, and way too much dessert) with the addition of pastiticio made by my mom.

After dinner we headed home (with a buddy who stopped by for dessert) and 2 friends stopped by with their 6 week old child.  It was great to see them and have a few glasses of scotch.

On Friday, we got up and headed down to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving #2 with the in-laws.  I found out that despite getting up and heading to PA early we didn’t have any responsibilities that day, so I did what any guy would do lol.  I headed to the Casino with my brother in law (sister in law’s husband).   I played blackjack and shockingly won a couple hundred bucks!  Score.  The next day (Saturday) was actually Thanksgiving #2.  We first headed to get the parent in laws’ Christmas Tree and then we ate…a lot!  The Wife’s grandmother is in an assisted living by my in-laws so she joined us for dinner.  I love just talking to her.  Literally just talking.  For a woman who is almost 90 she is so on point and she loves to tell stories about the old days.  I think I like talking to her so much because I wasn’t all that close my grandparents.  Both my grandfathers died before I was born and my maternal grandmother always seem distant and my paternal grandmother only spoke Greek so it obviously presented problems that I did not.

All day Sunday was spent watching football!  The Falcon game was being aired here so it was great to watch the game (especially since they won).  We are leaving Monday morning pretty early so I can get a half day in the office.


What did you do this weekend?