My Journey to Millions Around the Web March 27, 2011

//My Journey to Millions Around the Web March 27, 2011

My Journey to Millions Around the Web March 27, 2011


I want to thank those bloggers that have highlighted my posts or included them in a carnival, so please check out their site, follow them on twitter (reminder: follow me on twitter) or subscribe to their feed and get automatic updates (reminder: subscribe to my feed)!

  1. LazyManandMoney – variable dividend stocks
  2. PassiveFamilyIncome highlighted my article trying to calculate various mortgage scenarios
  3. Control your Cash dislikes those e-trade heat maps that show what is popular with investors…makes me wonder what if you only bought those sectors/stocks which were unpopular with investors.
  4. TheFinancialBlogger who recently discussed the two ways to make money online highlighted my post on canceling cell phone insurance.
  5. StupidCents, a blog that is getting back on its feet after a long break also liked the same cell phone post
  6. Daniel from Sweating the Big Stuff who hates being guilted into buying a gift also liked that same cell phone post
  7. DividendMantra who recently went into  three high yield stocks he was looking at also liked that same cell phone post.
  8. FrugalConfessions who recently wrote about her husband going to a beer brewing class (ugh, I wish I could do that! I made beer once and it SUCKED) liked a guest post on saving money on gas
  9. One of my new favorite blogger, First Generation American, who recently wrote about passive income ideas from her mom, referenced my article about my biggest fear

I am still working on my system for thanking people so if I missed you or the carnival I am featured in please, please contact me via email or on twitter (@MJTM).

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