Like most people, my thoughts first sprung to monetary, liquid assets (bank accounts, brokerage account, heck even my condo, etc). Then I realized that since I am just starting my journey NONE of those things are very large, nor can they be considered “great” no matter how you want to define the word. This is especially true when we consider the debt I previously wrote about).

So, if bank and brokerage accounts were out, I figured it was time to get a tad bit more abstract.

The next thing I thought of was my education and subsequent earning power. I have a B.S. in Business Economics, a Law Degree (Juris Doctorate for those other law geeks out there), and most of all I am a pretty personable guy, if I don’t say so myself. Believe it or not, I think the last one is the real reason behind earning power, although the degrees don’t hurt at all! Then I came to my senses, while my earning power may be a good asset, it is not great.

Then it/she came to mind, it was,

The Wife

The Wife

Before you assume I am sucking up for purposes of marital bliss, she does not know about this blog (yet) (I told her, and she thinks it is great). I suspect that come tax time, if this blog turns out any money (not my goal) and we file Married-Joint income taxes, she will obviously find out. Lets talk about “The Wife” – as much as she is beautiful, she is patient; being married to me can be trying at times! I am opinionated, loud, and depending who you ask, I can even be called annoying by some (if we are going to be honest, by most!)

However for purposes of this post I want to share her views on finance.  I have MANY friends who are dealing with wives who think that they deserve $1,000 purses, $500/month cars, and $550K homes all at the age of 26/27/28. My wife is the complete and utter opposite. She is frugal, almost to a fault, but she is easily…my greatest asset.

While some of my friends may joke about her “frugalness” she is the reason we do not need our parents to bail us out. She is the reason I will be able to spend more time with our eventual children, and maybe even retire early. She is supportive, focused, and determined. Whether it’s me taking a chance on a job that was not the norm for a recent law school graduate, or standing by me when my parents follow questionable financial tactics, she supports me.

In a future post I will talk about our attempt to combine savings, checking, credit cards, and overall financial life. As I continue this blog, I am sure I will continue to write about how she keeps me focused (and under control – financially and otherwise). If you are in a similar situation I would love to hear about it.

Update: The Wife has her on Blog Now! Check her out After the Alter