I was speaking with a buddy the other day and he was asking about how The Wife and I handle our cash flow.  Actually he was making fun of the complexity of it.  I figured I should prove him wrong and actually create a flow chart rather than explain it orally.

Flow Chart

The Wife and I keep separate checking, not because we are hiding anything from each other, but because her paycheck has to do with working for her family.  It makes their life easier so I deal with running to the bank every 15 days and depositing her share of the family expenses into our joint account.

While we split our necessary spending I earn more income than The Wife and she takes care of all the household stuff (I don’t do laundry and rarely cook unless it is on the BBQ) so we have worked it out where I take care of about 65% of our savings/investment and almost all our discretionary spending.

Our original plan did not come naturally; I was even proud that we came together and made a debt repayment and financial plan.  I do believe my flow charting skills have improved over the years.

Where my Cash Flow is Not Optimized/Efficient

There are two spots where I am not my usual online, personal finance nerd efficient.

  • As I originally mentioned The Wife writes me a check (from her solely owned bank account) that I deposit into our Joint banking every 15 days.
  • I walk our mortgage check in every month.

While I know I could do everything quickly and easily online, I do it this way for specific reasons.  I already explained The Wife’s paycheck situation, but the reason I walk in the mortgage check every month is that I get paid every 2 weeks and money is kept tight in the joint checking.  The joint checking is a simple pass through entity where money is being shuffled almost daily to automatic bills, automatic insurance payments, automatic savings, etc. So while the mortgage payment is due on the 15th every month I may pay it on the 15th or as early as the 8th depending on the balance of the account.


Do you and your spouse have a similar cash flow plan? I’d love to see other people’s pictures!