When a buddy told me about his love affair with Storage Wars I let him know I wasn’t a fan of the show despite loving Pawn Stars and Shark Tank but the conversation still gave me an idea.  Why couldn’t this be another income stream? The idea seemed simple enough, someone who didn’t pay their storage fees would have their unit auctioned and I would purchase that unit and then sell its contents for a profit.  Well, it didn’t work out that way at all.

What Happened At My First Storage Auction

Earlier this month my friend and I called a few storage places in good neighborhoods to get times that would work with our schedules.  When we found one, we told anyone that would listen that we were going, so at this point we couldn’t back out for fear of light chop busting.  Besides I couldn’t let The Wife “win” when she told me it was a stupid idea…I had to go.

Since we were both coming from the office (we work together) we are both suited up to say we were over-dressed is an understatement! So not only are we completely out of place we were 100% under-prepared.  We were told at the front desk that there was only 2 units up for auction but there weren’t that many people bidding.  Kind of a let down, but maybe since there were fewer people we had a better chance of walking away with a unit.

Well apparently “few” meant only 40 or 50 people!  and people showed up with trucks, flashlights and were dressed to actually haul away their take.  Not a well thought out plan to say the least.

The First Storage Unit For Auction

I was super amped up to see what was in our first storage unit! So we waited in line with the 40 or so others just so we can stick our head in the dimly lit unit (ah, that’s why those guys had those flashlights) and boy I was disappointed.  It looked like radio shack threw up in this unit.  Tons of wires and circuit boards.  I wasn’t allowed to move anything so I couldn’t try to figure out what was going on in there.  I quickly moved aside as I knew I wouldn’t be bidding.  It sold for $200.

I know I shouldn’t be judging a book by its cover, but I am pretty sure the guy who bought it had no idea if they were the insides of a server or a 1997 desktop.  I guess for $200 he was willing to take the roll of the dice that the scrap in them alone would be worth it.

The Second Storage Unit for Auction

As I waited in line for the second unit

In Line for a Storage Auction

I could hear the “oos” and “ahhs” and immediately got excited. I turned to my buddy and said, “I would love to get something today.” The unit ended up having a dryer, some really high end speakers, a mountain bike, and that was just the stuff I could see! This unit was mine.  Then next thing I knew the bidding was up to $1,100 and was still going.  We turned to each other and decided it wasn’t our day.

Have you ever been to a storage auction?