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Mobile Businesses

With technology being the focus of most businesses these days, the idea of a mobile office and even a mobile business is becoming more and more popular. A mobile office is the idea that all functions done in the office are now able to be done remotely or on the go. A mobile business is an entire business that is on the go, a business without a brick and mortar location. Both of these ideas are made possible because of advancements in technology such as wifi, bluetooth, smart phones and the internet.

Examples of Mobile Businesses

There are many industries that are starting to become more and more mobile. Examples of industry’s popular in this space are sales, administration, service, and retail. Any business that could benefit from being on the run does well. A food truck, t-shirt distributor, direct sales or office manager now have full office functionality at their fingertips.

Functions Necessary to Work Remotely

What equipment and technology is needed for an office and business to run mobily? First is the basic equipment such as computers, laptops and smartphones. On top of that, there is equipment such as printers, scanners, tablets, etc. that is supplemental. Additionally, a credit card reader, such as SumUp, allows point of sale transactions to occur wirelessly. There are many apps and new technology out there to help on these devices which allow a business to run wirelessly.

Advantages of Being able to Running a Non-Location Based Business

Being able to operate like this has its advantages. Working mobily has lower start up costs and day to day expenses than running a brick and mortar shop/office. Not only are you not paying more in square footage operating costs, you just don’t need to purchase more materials to either fill up your space or function. This savings is also passed on to the consumer. Lower costs for the business owner lead to lower costs for the customer.

Running  a business remotely offers flexibility that a standard office doesn’t. You can work when you want, where you want. It may even allow you to access customers that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. For example, there are sales people in New York who have access to buyers in the UK because of the internet. This hasn’t always been the case. Because of the flexibility working remotely provides, research has also shown that it causes less stress and more productivity

Disadvantages of a Location Free Business

With all of its advantages, it must be said that there are also some disadvantages. The first being that it may cause some confusion. Without a brick and mortar hub, customers are not able to pull you up on google maps and find your location to locate you easily. This is when the flexibility could be to your disadvantage.

With everything being wireless and through the internet, there are now many issues with security. Now more than ever, people are figuring out how to hack into systems to steal information which could negatively affect your client base. For example, if you have a credit card reader, it could be hacked into and credit card information could be stolen. A lot of companies have positions in their business solely on protecting the security of their systems in this day of modern technology for this reason.

Now that everything in your business can be at your fingertips, it could cause some problems in your social and family life. Employees are now being faced with no down time. They are always expected to be available now that everything is so accessible. This can be seen as a pitfall to some.

Regardless of its advantages and disadvantages, the idea of a remote business and office are growing each day. With time maybe all businesses will operate in this capacity.

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