I recently came up with a theory, and as you would guess from the title, it has to do with the cost associated with living paycheck to paycheck.

Living Paycheck to Paycheck forces you to want time to go by faster thereby causing you to purposefully miss life

When you need that paycheck to come you want your days to blur together, you want time to fly by, and it causes you to truly miss out on life.

Life is Too Short to Live Paycheck to Paycheck

My boss once said something that wasn’t particularly profound but has really stuck with me since I heard him say it.  During a seminar for new producers at the office, he said to them “If I am lucky, I have X amount of Saturdays left in my life.”

He literally gave the number of Saturdays, explaining that time was the most precious commodity, and to take it serious.  I told you it wasn’t profound, but it made me think about happiness (the route I was going to take to get there) and my own mortality.

So, anyone living paycheck to paycheck take the challenge – end the cycle, life is too short to rush through it!

paycheckphoto credit: Presta