I have been running this site since August 2008 and updating my net worth since January 2011 and it is sad to say that this is likely not only my last net worth update it is likely my last post ever on My Journey to Millions.  After writing for the better part of a decade I had just become burned out, and then subsequently feeling guilty when not updating.  I received what I considered a good multiple on income, and just couldn’t turn it down.

It is a very weird thought that some time in the very near future, this site is not where I am going to turn to discuss random thoughts about money, estate planning, insurance planning, investments or even life.  I have been running this site for about a quarter of my life.  8 years is longer than college and law school combined.  That is a crazy amount of time for a 34 year old.  Some of the regular readers know more about my finances than my family and closest friends (sans The Wife obviously).  In that 8 years I went from newly married getting used to owning a house for the first time, to my second home, 2 amazing children, same dog and same amazing wife.  I have shared on this blog some of my greatest triumphs and some pretty dark times in my life, and it has been an awesome ride.

Did I meet my goal of Millions? In a simple word, No.  Am I close? Nope.  Do I have a tremendous more money than when I started this blog? ABSOLUTELY.  Hell, when I started this blog I had a negative net worth fresh out of law school, and since I started to actually track that number in 2011 I am up 200%+.   I have a long journey to go but this blog gave me the accountability I needed to use as a foundation.  I know it is silly but the very exercise of just adding up your assets and liabilities on a monthly basis forces you to make different decisions.

Will I still be writing somewhere? Yes.  I didn’t sell my twitter account so I can be reached at @MJTM and I started a new blog, BuildingIncome.Investments, that will be solely focused on what has been my passion for a while – building a portfolio of dividend growth stocks bought at a fair price.

Last Net Worth Update

  • From April 2016 to May 2016 my net worth increased 2.03%
  • Year to date my net worth has increased 2.61%
  • Since I started tracking my net worth in January 2011 my net worth has increased 200.73%

journey quote

My Journey is far from over, but still loving every minute of it!