If you follow me on twitter you’ll randomly see pictures from me playing cards or going into a casino.  I really enjoy gambling.  That being said, I don’t ever spend all that much doing so…I get a sick feeling in my stomach knowing that one hand, one roll, etc cost me too much (Side note: this is why I don’t play craps).

Every year I am involved in multiple pools/fantasy football leagues.  By the end of the year I always say I break even, but that can’t possibly be true.  So this year for the first time I am going to let everyone in to see how I do:

  • One Half Fantasy League (with AVS) – $85
  • Brother’s League – $150
  • Work Fantasy League – $250
  • Suicide Pool – $100 Received for free since I got so many people to sign up through me
  • My League – $0 I take 3 free spots
  • Boss Man’s League – $0 I take a free spot for doing the back end work

Total invested this season $400 please root for me!

Update October 9 – Already won one week in Boss’ league! $250