Usually I combine my net worth updates with some sort small complaint I have, but June was an amazing month for me both personally and financially.  In June 2011:

  • My son was Baptized
  • The Wife turned 31
  • The Wife and I had our 3 year anniversary
  • Paid off my Auto Loan (one of my objectives for the year)
  • I “found” an old IRA that I have recaptured into my financial world
  • Had a record monetary month for My Journey to Millions
  • My Journey to Millions was upgraded to a page rank of 5
  • Had a record monetary month for my side online businesses

July 2011 Net Worth Update

Early this year, I started a system of tracking my net worth where I calculated my net worth and zero it out so I could share with everyone my ups and downs.  So far I have only had ups this year.

The assets I include are:

I keep putting found in quotations because it wasn’t until I was forced to change my brokers that I even learned the password to this account.

The liabilities I include are:

What is missing?

  • Credit Card debt – Don’t have any except a revolving AMEX account so no reason to put it up
  • Checking Accounts – Always changing and moving kept low on purpose so no reason to track it
  • Cars – I have no idea why people count cars as an asset.  Its transportation not an asset.
  • Jewelry – I joke that The Wife’s hand is worth more than my car…but there is NO way anything is being pawned/sold so why list it as an asset?

My Net Worth Update

  • From June 1, 2011 to July 1, 2011 my net worth has increased 6.51%
  • From January 18, 2011 to July 1,2011 my net worth has increased 42.04%

Last Month I wrote:

If everything goes to plan, within the next six weeks I’ll be able to fully eradicate the auto loan (it was at about $8,000 in January of 2011) so that will feel great!

Its gone!  So right now, my plan is pretty simple:

  1. Keep hoarding cash
  2. Slowly build investable assets
  3. I am slow down debt repayment since liquidity is much more important to me in the next 6 months or so.

How was your month? Do you have an update?