JD.Com Spruces Up Its Efforts In Fashion Design Business

by Evan

JD.com is the largest e-commerce and business in China. It is known for bringing a transformation in online business not only in China but in the whole world. Since it opened doors in 2004, this business has consistently created new channels that allow customers to enjoy better services. As the largest e-commerce platform in China, it has made major investments in fields that have shown signs of tremendous growth in recent years. The fashion industry is a lucrative sector that is attracting billions of dollars every year, and it has positioned itself as a prime player in the fashion industry by setting up a fashion department that can compete adequately in the modern fashion world.

According to Xia Ding, and the president of international fashion at JD.com, formerly JingDong fashion is both a science and an art. Under her management, this e-commerce company has delved into the fashion business with a mission of becoming the largest supplier of fashion brands in the world. She recognizes fashion as one of the fastest growing sectors at here organization and in the whole world as well.

A few years ago, China was known as the supplier of counterfeit goods, a perception that affected the reputation of many Chinese companies that operate globally. In the face of challenges created by this perception, JingDong appointed as Xia Ding to transform e-commerce operations in the company such that it could compete with other internationally recognized brands from America.

Xia Ding was born in Jiangxi province in southeast China. From a tender age, she showed interest in fashion and would engage in hand-knitting hobbies. Although she naturally loved fashion design, she ended up taking a degree in polymer science at Nanjing University. She says that this decision was influenced by the fact that science was one of the fields that guaranteed a decent job in the 1980s. She later went to North Carolina to study for her MBA at Wake Forest University.

Xia Jiang’s career in fashion started 20 years ago when he obtained an internship with Hanesbrands Inc. While working with this organization; she managed to introduce the Hernes and Champion brands in China. She later joined Nielsen, a market research firm, before she finally landed a job with JD.com in 2017. Since her appointment, she has managed to attract a huge number of female shoppers into the organization’s brands. Other contributions include facilitating a $400 million investment in Farfetch, a London-based fashion company, and the establishment of TopLife, a platform through which high-end brands in the world open digital stores in China.

In a recent interview, the founder and CEO of JingDong, Mr. Richard Liu claimed that the company is now worth over $60 billion. He also added that he had employed over 167,000 workers, 30,000 of whom have been employed last year. Richard Liu has transformed the e-commerce business in China by introducing solutions that employ the latest cutting-edge technology. Today, JingDong is now using drones to deliver products to remote parts of China in the shortest time possible. Liu says that the delivery time for products in China is 6-10 hours.

Richard Liu has also indicated that JingDong will expand its territory beyond the Chinese market. Although they are supplying products all over the world, there are indications that they will soon have a physical presence in Southern Asia, Europe and finally America. Mr. Liu’s dream is to see him JingDong become the largest e-commerce business not only in China but the whole world. The business is already a publicly traded company in the United States. It is listed among the NASDAQ 100 and a Fortune 500 Global.

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