I was reading a quick article on Business Insider with the very catchy title, “It Kills me To Watch My Employees Blow through their Bonuses” when I saw a comment that made me want to rip my hair out.  The original article was simple enough, a business owner who couldn’t believe what his employees used their bonuses on.  It wasn’t even that preachy when you compare it to personal finance blogs.  When I came across the quoted comment I immediately became infuriated,

…Why keep money? It’s just paper, it has no real value.

This type of statement is complete and utter bullshit on both a practical and a literal level.

Saying that Money has No Value is a Piss Poor Cop Out

On a very literal level the definition of money infers that there is value through using it as a medium of exchange in society.  So to say it has no value is just utter and complete bullshit.  It may have more or less value but money in it of itself has value…otherwise it wouldn’t be money it would be just paper not readily exchangeable for goods and services in society.  I am assuming it is a he, because I’d like to believe women are smarter than men when leaving angry and idiotic comments on random articles on the internet.  I could be wrong, but I am going to have a little more faith in the fairer sex.  Notwithstanding, I don’t really think he was attempting to make a literal argument, so what did he really mean?

If I had to guess he was making the argument that there is zero reason to save since you can’t take money wherever you are going after you leave this planet (if anywhere).  That type of attitude is freaking ridiculous and is a cop out against doing something that may seem harder in the present.  You don’t know when you are going to die so may be it is a good idea to have some of that “value-less” money somewhere so you can use it? Do you have children? Then that value-less money may be benefiicial for them too – whether you are alive or dead?

While I find investing enjoyable I know most people do not.  However, that is what is necessary in most situations to ever retire (either on an early or common schedule).  I, nor anyone else, has the right to tell anyone else how to spend one’s money, but to make the blanket statement that money isn’t valuable is ridiculous and short sighted.

yolo 3

…or joke is on me because I am responding to an obvious internet troll who makes comments just to illicit this type of heated response.