I was having a conversation with The Wife the other day and she blatantly called me out, telling me that I may have problems.  I am well aware that there are things I just don’t “get” but at least this one is internal struggle.

At my bank (national TBTF Bank) when there is a long line, and a private relationship manager recognizes that people are waiting they use it as an opportunity to fly in and try to create a new relationship (read: upsell products).  I don’t mind because I get my banking done and they let me know about new opportunities.

However, since I keep the majority of my money either in the market or in my ING account my checking accounts I keep at this particular bank are tiny.  However, when I sit down with one of these private bankers and they are reviewing my account something inside of me triggers and I usually stammer out something like,

I don’t really keep that much money with this bank

Why do I do it? I have no idea.  I do it when I am shopping as well.  I think it has a lot to do with feeling that I hate when people assume I can’t afford things.  When I wine tasting I hate when people assume because I look young I can’t/won’t buy a bottle of wine.  But I think the more important question is, why do I care?

I don’t do it in other aspects in my life.  I don’t drive around in a car I can’t afford, I really hate spending $200 on a meal unless it is for a special occasion, I don’t brag/complain about my salary, etc.  but for some reason I feel the need to tell this random stranger that I have more than $2,500 to my name.

Any ideas why I care? Any psychologists out there?